"Her bubbly exuberance, passion and flair for ZUMBA and Latin Dance is infectious and she puts beginners students at ease helping them learn in a relaxed and fun environment. I highly recommend anyone who's interested to just give it a go. You won't regret it!" - Kathy


Thank you to you Cindy and your dynamic team for your continued involvement in bringing a high energy, fun and colourful activity you deliver each year to the Rottnest Island annual Carnivale!! I have been told from all of the events team, of the great relationship you have had with the events team ovder the years and the high energy, and colourful activity you deliver to the day. Thank you all once again for your great support!

Kind Regards,

Events and Functions Coordinator  I  Rottnest Island Authority  I Fremantle WA 6959

P (08) 9432 9355  I M 0400 671 328 I F (08) 9432 9301 I W www.rottnestisland.com


Claire Norburn - July 2017


Just a quick note to say how great your classes are! The last time I did Zumba was back in 2010 (?), and after a VERY long break, I knew you were running your own Zumba business and I looked you up online. I did my first class at King St on Tuesday with Natalie, and again yesterday with Natalie and today with Suzie. Your instructors have been great, friendly, high energy and have gone through the steps quickly before each track to help newbies like me pick them up. I'm now totally addicted to Zumba and looking forward to using my new punch card at your different venues :)

 Caiitlin McKinnon - June 2016  


"I've been doing Zumba Toning with Cindy on Tuesday nights for just over 6 months now. I think it's great! It's easy to follow and works different muscles than with the other strength training workouts that I do. It's a much more 'controlled' movement and slower than the main class, but I f...ind it really works the targeted areas well. Cindy offers advice throughout to make your technique better to ultimately give you a better result. I'm also pretty impressed that by combining Toning with the main class I've burnt over 900 calories a session, for the last 3 Tuesday nights in a row. I've also gone from a size 16 to a size 10 in the last 18 months - would absolutely recommend. Thanks Cindy and team"

 Bec Cassidy - February 2014


 ''Zumba Fitness provided a great opportunity for children to dance, laugh and ultimately have fun! The staff member was exciting and energetic, they did a fantastic job of encouraging all children to participate!"

 Annika Samson - Mulberry Tree Child Care Centre - Wembley Downs - February 2014


"I started Zumba®  after trialling a variety of gym workout classes for a month. What I got out of doing gym classes was the value of social facilitation - where we work harder in the presence of others. However, after the month's trial ended at the gym and although my fitness improved, I found myself feeling empty or very drained from the rigorous exercise.  It seemed more like a punishing experience than a rewarding one.

I realised I wanted a more rewarding experience when I exercised and one that would give me that feeling of enjoyment, whilst still burning maximum calories. I decided to try Zumba® with Cindy.

To be fair and to compare my time at the gym, I signed up for 20 classes on a value pass card, $10 per class. My first class I walked away from tired but happy.  I knew I'd worked hard, by trying to keep up with following the exercise/dance routine. But the workout for my brain and body felt good.

The next time I went to Zumba® again with Cindy, I was able to follow along the steps more easily and began to put in more effort with my body, because my brain knew what was going on. It really helped that Cindy was using the same music to exercise/dance to for each class and in each location (whoever taught), because it helped me to remember what was coming next. After each session, I was walking away on a natural high!

I've done classes in different locations under Cindy's dance school lead by Sarah and Claudia. I've found that having the same music and dance routines has made it more predictable for me to follow, which has helped me get the most out of my exercise.  I've always found the music exciting and fun to move to. No wonder Cindy's slogan is "Spice up Your Life" with Salsa Viva Dance. The music and moves really make it fun!

The music, exercise/dance routines Cindy and all of her team have been terrific! They're all very enthusiastic, encouraging and happy and I think that's what makes Zumba® feel like so much fun, because I see people and the teachers smiling and it makes me feel happy too.  I think this is much better approach for getting the most out of exercise.  I've learned, if it akes us feel good and uplifted, we're more inclined to do it again!

I'd like to recommend Zumba® for anyone searching for a natural high or for exercise/dance moves that are motivational. I've found that when the motivation is right, the results happen naturally. I started Zumba® on a 20 class pass (with 3 left to go) and since then I've dropped 2 dress sizes, I've increased my fitness to feel like I can run again with ease.  Plus, I've started feeling good inside again.

Thank you Cindy and team for helping my tummy to shrink and my heart to grow stronger!!!!!...I'm happy to be contacted if anyone would like to know more.  But my best advice I can give is, just do it!".

Lara Allen (Psychology and Counselling student at Edith Cowan University). - December 2013


"My energy and fitness levels have increased tremendously. Ive been able to gain better awareness of my own body & I have discovered how to express myself through shaking my 'bonbons"

Diana F - Septemeber 2013


"It has been fantastic! It's is the only form of excercise that I have stuck to. I am getting fitter & stronger. I LOVE IT!"

Maggie - Septemebr 2013


"I have been coming to your Tuesday night MEGA class in Morley and wanted to say your classes are just fantastic, the times I've come, I've had a great time and a good workout... If only I was told about Zumba® sooner I would have come earlier!!!  You and your team are great trainers and do such a good job, I also like how each trainer has their own style in teaching the class.."

"A BIG THANK YOU for providing such a fantastic class..."

Kelly D - 9 October 2012


"Hi Cindy.  Sorry I haven't been able to attend classes the last few weeks.  I had a fall and have been on crutches but I am so looking forward to returning to the ECU class on Monday evenings.

I find your class so inspiring and best of all fun, your enthusiam is catching, you can work at your own pace and I never feel I am in competition with anyone.  I have a background in Jazz dance and my daughter Rosie who is usually with me is a ballroom dancer and our fitness and overall general health and wellbeing has improved since starting your classes.

Thank you so much we miss you and will be back as soon as I am well."

Terri - 25 July 2012


"Hi Cindy. I really enjoyed my first Zumba® class with you on Tuesday.  I came by myself, but I didn't feel like I was on my own because of the energy in the room.  I liked how you encouraged the class to partner up with some of the moves.  After a year's break from Zumba® and several months finding a venue in the area where I've recently moved to, I've found the class for me. Thanks!"

Martina - 19 July 2012


"Do I like going to a gym...No.  Do I like to dance....YES!  Do I want to get fit and feel great.....YES!!  Then my answer is Zumba®. Love all types of music, try hard to keep up but if I don't, it's ok.  I just keep having fun.  I have found Cindy's class to be friendly and suitable for all ages and sizes....so I fitted in!"

Kaye - 12 July 2012


"I have finally found a great, effective, fun way of keeping fit, with minimal impact on my joints - Zumba® is amazing! Just with 3-4 classes a week I have managed to lose weight every week. I do recommend it as a great cardio exercise which can be as high or low impact as you can tolerate, to patients I see.

I actually look forward to exercising now, thank you for the high energy and fun you put into every class.

Thanks Cindy."

Dr Paige - 4 July 2012


"I first went to Zumba two years ago after I had my daughter to try and lose some baby weight and have some fun. I loved it and found it really helped me lose weight - I got back to my pre pregnancy weight in no time and lost a further 6kg!! I have now just returned after having twins and look forward to seeing the same results, if not better, very soon!"

Fi, 4 July 2012


Hi Cindy, The girls were fantastic and very enthusiastic and professional. I think the music definitely made peoples eyes start wondering what was going on and they were mesmerised by the girls. Thanks again."

Sally, 9 May 2012


"Hi Cindy, Thanks again for another wonderful and fun filled class this morning. Always being a tall and larger woman, I was always reluctant to go to aerobics or the gym but you make the class so enjoyable with your beautiful smile and personality to match - this is my type of exercise where you have so much fun (and it's over before you realise).

Thanks AGAIN, you are an uplifting and motivating instructor, you've won me! Many thanks."

Louise, 2 April 2012


 " I love my Zumba Gold and look forward to the class every week. I had tried Zumba Basic classes previously, and although it was loads of fun I found it was a little too high impact for my age. So I was quite excited to learn about Zumba Gold for the over 50's. My slighty uncoordinated husband suprised me when he said he would like to join me for Zumba Gold classes. We've been attending classes together since it's inception at Manning Senior Citizens Centre and we both love it.

It's the best fun and we get a terrific cardio workout at the same time. I can't think of another form of exercise where the entire class laughs and applauds together after each routine.

Zumba Gold is one way to include 'weight bearing' exercise into my well-being routine and I get so many more benifits from an hour spent smiling, laughing and dancing to fantastic music, than I do from a strole around the block.

Thank you so much Cindy and Bree for your time, talent and patience with us. You're Terrific!"

Trace, 24 June 2011 

“I'm not exactly sure how to write this..... but I just wanted to let you know the amazing effect Zumba is having on me. Going to Zumba is like going to my happy place.... for that hour I can forget everything. I don't have to worry about work, I don't have to be the girl who has epilepsy. I get to zone out and just enjoy the natural high that is Zumba! I am absolutely loving the lake monger classes with Daniela and Sandra. The energy is unbelievable. Having had a seizure on Thursday, I almost became emotional in Saturdays cool down as I realized how lucky I was to be able to take part in something that I connected so greatly with. I have finally found something that has brought me so much joy!! I used to be such a couch potato now I am able to attend classes three times a week and these have become the highlight of my week. Everything else now has to work around my Zumba schedule! And tonight such a significant night for me, the anniversary of my twin sisters death. But I did not spend it sitting at home wallowing in self pity. Instead I got to go to my happy place with a great bunch of people. What’s even better on the walk home a rainbow appeared over Lake Monger...
Thank you so much Cindy from the bottom of my heart for bringing such a joyful, inspirational, energetic way of life to me... you have woken me up!
(just hope I can attend one of your classes soon!)
Zumba Love,
Stacey, 28 February 2011


"I had tried a few other Zumba classes before Salsa Viva and now I wouldn't go anywhere else. It's fun, a great workout and the instructors make it easy to follow even if you have never done Zumba before. I would recommend it to everyone!"

Lesley, 15 November 2010


"Cindy's Zumba classes have changed my life!  I'm fitter, healthier and have become a much happier person.  Thank Goodness you came along.  All my love Rachel."

Rachel Owen, 10 November 2010


"I had cancer this year and since I have been doing Zumba I feel great!  I am also 50 years old and have lost that midriff bulge.  I'm very happy and shall continue with it."

Patricio Pitsihes, 9 November 2010


"I have become addicted to the zumba classes! I look forward to a classs each time I go. The day is so much better after attending a class. You feel great all day."

Jan Keating, 8 November 2010


"It is the best stress release I have ever had!!  Plus it is fun and great exercise."

Elsa, 7 November 2010


"Zumba has kept me fit, healthy and happy and I look forward to every class with the Salsa Viva Dance team!"

Lee Haley, 6 November 2010


"I can't stop smiling, sweating and dancing!"

Beth, 4 November 2010


"The first time I took Zumba, I laughed, sweated and had so much fun!  I do this everytime I come to one of Salsa Viva's Zumba classes.  I love Zumba!!"

Pip Baker, 2 November 2010


"I have tried all of Cindy's Zumba classes, they are the most fun and the best classes out of all the Zumba classes I have been to!"

Jaye and Tasha, 28 October 2010


"Comfortable atmosphere, easy instructions and enjoyable with different levels incorporated."

Rozlyn Williams, 16 October 2010


Hi Cindy,

I wanted to say THANK YOU for such an amazing class last night (TUES @ morley rec.). I felt so invigorated....couldnt sleep until about 12.30 Im really motivated and cannot wait to attend the next class.

Thanking you!!!

Donna Leibowitz, 5 May 2010


Hi Cindy and Carlos,

First and foremost thank you very much for your thank you and welcome E-Mail. Thank you very much as well for personally having a chat with me and welcoming me as well person to person. The first recognizing I feel is so important. What it does it makes that person feel he or she has a sense of belonging there at their classes. The person will also feel that they want to go back to the same classes. Thanking you both once again for making me feel welcome after your class and through your E-Mail.

May God Bless

Wishing you everything of the best with your classes

Fondest Regards

Ivan Peters, 6 October 2010



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